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David Wong is a skilled violin and ensemble instructor with years of performing and teaching experience: Private tutoring on violin, viola and string ensemble for 25 years Performing with Irving and Garland Symphony Orchestra for 11 years Currently tutoring violin for Plano Recreation Center, Montessori and various Plano middle and high schools.


         David Wong

    David Wong is a skilled violin and ensemble instructor with years of performing and teaching experience: Private tutoring on violin, viola and string ensemble for 25 years Performing with Irving and Garland Symphony Orchestra for 11 years Currently tutoring violin for Plano Recreation Center, Montessori and various Plano middle and high schools.View more



         Flute lecturer MING DENG

    Flute lecturer of Southwest University at Chongqing, flute principal of Chongqing youth Symphony Orchestra since 2005. Got Master Degree (M.M.) on flute performance from Tschaikowsky Music Conservatory of Ukraine and as second player of flute section of Ukraine Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra on 2004. Received outstanding award of “Art and Education in the 21th Century” Competition.

    邓敏简介: 中国西南大学音乐学院长笛表演专业讲师,重庆音乐家协会会员,重庆交响管乐协会会员,重庆青年交响乐团长笛首席。多次担任重庆地区管乐大赛专业评委。1999年就读于乌克兰柴可夫斯基音乐学院管弦--打击乐系,师从乌克兰国家功勋演员,国家广播交响乐团首席长笛,音乐学院终身教授维达利•帕瑟里奇内。2005年以优异的成绩获得柴可夫斯基音乐学院长笛表演硕士学位。曾担任乌克兰广播交响乐团第二长笛,2001年在国际音乐比赛" Art and Education in the 21century " 中获奖。


         Gerald Krumenacker

    Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Elite Youth Orchestra. Despite the name, our orchestra includes musicians of all ages, both youth and adults. If you have ever seen us perform, you will have also noticed that we are made up of musicians from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. So, perhaps we would better be better known as the Elite Youth and Community Orchestra.

    Would you like to join us? Hopefully, your answer is ‘Yes’! Whether you play a string instrument, woodwind, brass, or percussion, you are invited to join us. There is no audition, per se. We just ask that you come with a desire to join a great group of people who make music together. We rehearse Sundays at 5:30 p.m. and have just a few performances throughout the year. For more information on joining the orchestra, please contact Gerald Krumenacker at 214-347-2099.


          Pianist Lizhen Wu

    Pianist Lizhen Wu was born in 1988 in the town of Yue Yang in the People's Republic of China. He began studying the piano at the age of 5. Because of his promising musical gifts, he was accepted into the Wuhan Conservatory, which necessitated moving away from home. He studied at the Conservatory with Wang Xian, who remained his teacher until he came to the United States in 2006. Mr. Wu - known to his American friends as Rick - won First Prize in the Hazimen Piano Competition in China and was invited to the United States to perform at four universities, including the University of North Texas. He auditioned for the Bachelor of Performing Arts degree at the UNT College of Music, and was accepted as a freshman performance major in the fall of 2006 on a scholarship, and studying with Dr. Pamela Mia Paul. In 2012, Mr Wu was accepted as a graduate student at SMU with full scholarship. He is currently studing with Joaquin Achucarro

    吴李真,生于1988年湖南省岳阳市,5岁开始学琴,凭着对音乐的热爱,于2001年考入武汉音乐学院附中,师从王暹。2005年由于赢得 “海资曼”杯中国钢琴比赛第一名,被邀请到美国四所大学演出。2006年考入北德州立大学钢琴演奏专业,并获得高额奖学金,师从 Dr. Pamela Mia Paul。2009年,吴李真参加 “Crescendo” 钢琴比赛,并取得优异成绩。2012以全额奖学金考取南卫理工会大学研究生师从Joaquin Achucarro


          Michael Ross Kokkinakis

    Music Education : Richland Community College Associates in Arts and Music Degree. Includes two years of music theory and aural skills, four years of private lessons from two different professors, two years of Chamber ensemble, four years of guitar ensemble and two years of piano lab and private lessons. Music literature, history, appreciation, etc... Attending Brookhaven Community College for music performance classes, specifically guitar, and guitar ensemble. Will be attending Texas Women's University to obtain my masters in Guitar pedagogy and performance this fall with Carlo Pezzimenti. Taken master classes with greats such as Irina Kulikova, Christopher McGuire, Carlos-Barbosa Lima, Dennis Azabagic, Pepe and Celine Romero, Adam del Monte, and the Tantalus Quartet.

    Musical Education Experience : I currently give private guitar lessons to students of all ages and have been doing so for the past two years. Substitute guitar ensemble and guitar classes frequently for my guitar professor at Richland, Jan Ryberg. Material covered includes; chord structure, rhythm, reading, theory, conducting, etc... I have arranged multiple musical pieces for ensemble playing. Volunteered for Musical Angels, which is a non-profit organization, started by Dr. Gustavo Tolosa, dedicated to help heal handicap children at their hospital with the magic which is music. I currently work for In Home Music Teachers and have been for the past 6 months. Been loving every second of it and have been teaching students ,from ages 3-50, guitar and piano for those 6 months.

    Musical Performance Experience: Jury and recitals for every semester for the past four years. 1st place with Richland guitar ensemble in National guitar competition/festival at University of Brownsville Texas 2010. And 3rd place at the same competition for duo guitar. I have also performed there once each year for the past four years. 1st place in duo guitar competition at Tarrant county guitar festival in 2011. Performed solo and duet pieces at banquet at the Adam's Mark Hotel in downtown Dallas for nearly 1000 people. Performed with the Allegro Guitar Society numerous of occasions for events they would bring together. Have my own two hour slot and perform every tuesday evening at Dunn's Brothers Coffee Shop in Addison, Tx. Church recitals Weddings




          Art Teacher Jing An

    Education & Training : Bachelor of Art, Art Design, Hunan University of Technology Art Study, China Academy of Art

    Publications: Special Teacher in Video CD of “Teaching Children Chinese Calligraphy”, One of the Series of Education of Children’s Intelligence Initiation, China Liaoling Culture and Arts Press, May 2000

    Public Media Reports “Calligraphy, Rock, Woman” in Shenzhen Metropolis Newspaper, June 2003
    “The splendidness of woman” in Shenzhen Special District Newspaper, Mar. 2002
    In the grand on-the-spot report literature of outstanding people, named rising China, interviewed by China People Daily, published by China News Press, Sep. 2001
    “When tradition meets fashion”, in English Edition of Shenzhen Special District Newspaper, July 2001
    “Writing Chinese Calligraphy when listening to Rock music”, In Southern Metropolis Newspaper Beauty Report, June 2001

    艺术背景:中国美术学院毕业,以杰出人才移民美国.具有10余年的儿童美术教学经验.擅长中国画、书法、油画、素描。出生于书画世家,3岁开始学习书画,从小酷爱书画艺术,作品曾多次在中国和国际书画大赛中荣获得金、银、铜奖。作品先后在中国美术馆、中国历史博物馆、中国军事博物馆、香港人民大会堂及澳大利亚、美国、俄国、法国巴黎、新加坡展出并被收藏。世界日报、达拉斯新闻、亚美时报等各大媒体均有采访报道。 职务:世界艺术家协会理事/ 美国海外艺术家协会理事/ 世界文化艺术研究中心研究员/ 世界华人交流协会会员/ 美国东方艺术家协会理事/美国达拉斯书画家协会副会长/湖南省书法家协会会员/ 深圳市书画家协会副秘书长